ICO — Initial Coin Offering services


ICOs have become a model to raise funds for product development for various small businesses. At IPS – Intellectual Property Services, we understand and strive to make our clients reach their objectives.

Case-by-case solutions

We assist our clients in resolving the most complex legal challenges at a competitive price.

Pro competence

Our multi-jurisdictional competence as well as our industry expertise and insight make us a privileged firm when it comes to entering the ICO market.

1. Drafting of documentation

Our team will help you make strategic decisions to make your business successful. Combined with the firm’s international reach and expertise we will assist you in selecting the right jurisdiction, financial institution and provide you with counsel to some of the most ambiguous questions surrounding your initial set-up process.

The documents we will provide you with include (but are not limited to):

  • Token Sales Agreement (TSA) and Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) or equivalent
  • Terms of Confidentiality/ Privacy Policies
  • Terms of use of a website
  • Customer Acceptance Policy; Customer Identification Procedures; Monitoring of Transactions Procedures; and AML / KYC Policies and Procedures
  • Other documentation as required by the transaction

2. Operations Setup

Our team will advise you on the most strategic ways of carrying out your business. Our international reach makes us a qualified partner when it comes to recommending the best choice of jurisdiction for incorporation and the choice of financial institution.

Once incorporated, we will help you with the first steps to running your organization including:

  • Creating shareholder’s agreement, selection of directors, minute initial meetings
  • Help in selecting a platform for cryptocurrency exchange
  • Draft agreements for ICO advisors
  • Provide other related add-on services as required

Should you need our services, we will make you an offer as soon as you submit your request