Support Services for Law Firms

  • Patent and industrial design drawings
  • Patentability searches
  • Freedom-to-operate searches
  • White spaces searches
  • Patent translation (English-to-Russian)

Five simple reasons why you should give us a try

  • Excellent quality
  • Quickest results on the market
  • Competitive pricing
  • Confidentiality
  • Total client satisfaction

Protecting IP in Russia and CIS

  • Drafting and prosecuting patent, design and utility model applications
  • Registering trademarks
  • Adapting patent, utility model and design applications to Russian national requirements
  • PCT national phase entry in Russia
  • PCT regional phase entry in Eurasia
  • Representation before the Russian courts and the Patent Board of Appeal
  • Legal support for IP and technology transfers

Russian IP market development

Russia is rapidly evolving into an IP-savvy jurisdiction following the ongoing judicial reforms and the creation of the Russian Intellectual Property Court. Local players are increasingly filing more and more patent and trademark applications and are actively enforcing their rights.

Our expert team will protect your company’s interests in this dynamic environment.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Monitoring competitor’s patents, designs and trademarks
  • Identifying trends in IP litigation and prosecution
  • Monitoring competitor’s PR activity for IP-related transactions

Monitoring and Analysis

Valuable observations that could be gathered from publicly available IP data are often overlooked by in-house teams because of a simple lack of time. We collect and analyze data about your competitors and present it in simple and effective way.

Our team uses the best available tools for IP monitoring and research. Our strength is our ability to think.

Pre-Litigation Control

  • Legal counsel weaknesses analysis
  • Non-Practicing Entity defense strategy
  • Competitor defense strategy

Solving legal problems

Our approach to solving legal problems is based on our experience in business consulting and on providing competitive intelligence services to clients worldwide.


IPS team and members of our professional network sometimes provide services free of charge to individual inventors. Please contact us.