File national and PCT patent applications, get patent protection and succeed in dynamic markets. Our patent attorneys are happy to provide patent prosecution services in Russia, USA and Canada. We specialize in electrical, IT, mechanical and biochemical arts.


Worldwide trademark protection is essential to protecting your brand. Our package deals include trademark search, registration and enforcement via aggressive litigation in your key markets. We make trademark registration in Russia, USA and Canada as easy as 1-2-3.


Counterfeiting actions, trademark and patent infringement and validly actions, litigations arising from licensing contracts are the kind of cases that we enjoy. We analyze your opponent’s legal and business weaknesses and to design a successful strategy.

Prior Art Search

Finding a key piece of prior art is crucial. We search patent and scientific literature, conference materials, help manuals and in English, Chinese and Russian.

Patent Drawings

US patent drawings are an art in itself. For design work, we match our competitors’ best offer, as our policy is total client satisfaction.

Patent and Legal Translation

We translate to and from the following languages: English, French, Chinese and Russian. Our lawyers and patent translators proofread every document.

Startup Pro: an all-inclusive solution

Until properly structured, documented and in some cases registered, your IP capital has unclear influence on your startup valuation. Once we structure your IP with Startup Pro, your company creates intangible capital assets. These assets have monetary value making your startup increasingly attractive to potential buyers, investors and bankers.

  • Increase valuation of your startup
  • Raise capital
  • Get IP backed bank loans

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